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War is Hell

“Those bastards took Lefty.” The scruffy voice barely penetrated the cardboard barrier. “They gnawed right through the tape and jerked him out by his good arm.” A cough interrupted the speech. “I tried to save him, but my joints aren’t what they used to be.”

The years hadn’t been kind to Tank. Dry rot had set in causing the rubber to crack. With each movement he felt like a leper playing loose limb roulette. He wasn’t smart, if he were, he would have known leprosy didn’t cause limbs to fall off. But what do you expect out of a plastic doll.

This was the latest wave of attacks on the wily veterans. They weren’t rookies. This wasn’t their first war. Lefty, an astronaut, who lost his right arm in a previous battle with a destructive twelve-year-old boy, was taken prisoner by the squirrels. The furry killers invaded the attic every fall, pillaging through boxes like pirates taking a ship hostage, in hopes of looting enough stuff to make it through the harsh winter.

“Lefty was a good soldier.” The voice bounced off the splintered wooden floor. “Don’t beat yourself up over it, Tank. We all have to die. They probably took him for his clothes. His suit will make for good nesting material.”

Internet Combat: Encountering the Wordsmith



Forums are one of the oldest forms of social networking. On the surface they are excellent marketing tools and provide a valuable knowledge base for any given subject. But hidden within every forum are landmines. Members get blown the hell up due to their careless navigation of forums. This post will define the pitfalls that forum members face.

While forums record the most accidents, the evolution of social media presents additional obstacles that could slap your net cred with a fatality. Twitter, facebook, comment sections on popular sites are danger zones. Tread careful as you maneuver through the Net. And heed this advice…

Don’t piss the wordsmith off

Words kill. Keyboards are the second leading cause of death of the Internet persona. (I’m not sure what the number one cause is, but I’m pretty sure it’s watching Justin Bieber videos on Youtube.)

The Band That Almost Saved the World

Sometimes bands burst upon the music scene with a brightness that can cause the eyes of rock’s biggest critics to blink and give pause to their victory chant, “Rock is dead.” Unfortunately, the brightness is oftentimes the signaling of a supernova.

Recently, I stumbled across a review I wrote a few years back for Welcome to the Wasteland, the debut album by Bad City. For those not familiar with the band, it spawned from members of two bands, Powerspace and Thee Armada. Both well worth checking out, but for different reasons than Welcome to the Wasteland. Here’s the review I wrote:

One Time, I Wore a Duran Duran shirt to a Motley Crue Show

Not really. I don’t even own a Duran Duran shirt, but now that I have your attention:

Why choose a career in writing?

“I’m a writer. I’ve written a book. Wanna buy it?” I bet you hear that more and more often. The world of publishing has evolved over the last ten or so years, it’s just as easy to publish a book as it was to create a mixtape of the best Duran Duran tracks in the eighties. Take that Duran Duran mixtape, for example, it’s not going to go over too well with metalheads. With writing, you must be very careful your mixtape of words doesn’t stunt your growth.


Random Example with 80s Music Analogy:

It’s incredibly hard to find an audience to invest time in listening to your voice. If you trick a group of Motley Crue fans into spending a few minutes with your words, they’ll leave pissed off after hearing “The Reflex” ten times. And, they will turn around and tell the Van Halen fans that all you play is Duran Duran.


The Last Five Days: Out Now

Am I Dead? : Coming Soon